EU Projects

MB "Outer Studio" has begun implementing the project "MVĮ Skaitmeninimas No. 02-033-K-0304.

Project goal: to digitize the services provided, e-commerce, and product delivery, increase revenue and competitiveness, and introduce new markets in the company's product sales. Implementation of innovative IT solutions, which will be used in the company's operations for at least three years after the end of project funding. The proposed solutions will ensure more efficient service provision, customer loyalty, and the attraction of new customers, supporting the company's development and sustainability. Following successful project implementation and increased revenue, the company will be able to invest more in new IT solutions.

Project budget: 100,012.90 EUR, of which the EU contributes 49,998.96 EUR. The project is implemented under the development program's progress measure "Encouraging companies to digitize," specifically the activity "Encouraging the digitization of very small, small, and medium-sized enterprises by financing the implementation of e-sales transaction solutions, service and product configuration, and visualization."

Activities start: June 13, 2024.

Expected completion: June 13, 2025.